31 October 2006

Married to a Vulcan

Last year it was the Bride of Frankenstein, this year I find that I'm married to a Vulcan...

If I can get some pics of Captain Hook, Belle and the Genie, I'll put those up here later. Me? No costume this year--I think I'll just stay home and lament how few trick-or-treaters show up on our street. (We're too deep in the student neighborhood, I guess...) Then I'll eat all the candy we didn't give away!

20 October 2006

More Time Traveling

YouTube continues to amaze me. For years I've talked about the kid shows I used to watch on TV when we lived in Northern Ireland back in the late fifties. Five or six years ago, I tracked down sort of a mom-and-pop operation that offered a handful of examples on VHS, and picked that up. Of course I have no idea where that tape is now.

So today I was looking for something else on YouTube and ran across examples of the five different segments that were part of "Watch with Mother" back in 1957-59. Each day there was a different feature, most of them featuring some kind of puppet. Here they are--the Monday show, "Picture Book," is the opening credits only.






How about that?

Oh, one more thing. On Saturdays I watched the show that shaped my image of what life was like back in the good old USA--well, at least until I got back there and discovered that they didn't all live out on the prairie and in log cabins after all...