28 February 2008

Oak Park Elementary School

A while back, I got interested in trying to get in touch with some of the "kids" (people now in their early 50s) I went to school with back at Oak Park Elementary School during the early 1960s. I subscribed to Classmates.com and sent out e-mails to folks whose names I remembered or recognized, and got a handful of replies.

Life has been busy, so I haven't really followed up. My plan is to scan a couple of old class pictures that I have in hand--a couple of mine and a couple that used to belong to the late Jim Crea--and post those somewhere online. But one of the things I COULDN'T find anywhere was a photo of Oak Park School as it was when I attended, starting in 1960. Repeated Google Image searches came up empty and so did searches of eBay and other sites where I might have been able to locate a photo of the school on an old postcard.

Well, this morning I finally found the darn thing--a postcard with a 1959 photo of the front of the school, which I immediately ordered from a dealer out in Colorado. The reason I hadn't been able to find it before was because the card is mislabeled--as "Oak School, Stillwater, Minn."

If anyone else from Stillwater happens to run across and read this post, look around and see if you have any other photos or from back in the day--people, houses, buildings, street scenes, postcards, whatever. I'd love to get scans or copies and would be happy to post them here. (Or maybe even on a site devoted to "old Stillwater," if I can ever find time to work on it...)