18 June 2009

Who people think I look like

I'm probably going to regret this (not the least reason for which would be the need to dig up the old photos of me to support what I'm about to talk about), but over the years folks have suggested that I look like a whole range of famous people.

When I was younger and had shoulder-length 9and beyond) hair, it was kinda flattering. They said i looked like Bob Seger.

When I got a little older and cut my hair, they started saying I looked like Kenny Rogers.

More recently, as I've gotten older and, er, more substantial, I started hearing comparisons to Dom DeLuise.

But then today an old friend of mine--Michelle Membrez--told me that my Facebook photo reminds he of Lakers coach Phil Jackson. I think that's moving in the right direction.

Anyway, now to go look for some photos...