31 October 2008

Halloween again!

Wow, the gaps between posts here have gotten longer and longer. Last time I wrote anything we were still up in Michigan. Now we're enjoying an Arizona Halloween with the temperature in the high eighties.

One thing we've noticed is that no one puts out jack-o-lanterns early the way they do up north. With the weather as warm as it its here, they'd probably spoil pretty fast, and while rotting pumpkins WOULD be scary, I'm not sure we'd want to deal with the insect life they might attract.

There also doesn't seem to be the same amount of house and yard decoration going on here that we're used to seeing up north. Not sure why that is--it would work even better here, since Arizona doesn't go on daylight savings time, so the sun sets even earlier than what we were used to.

Anyhow, the main purpose of posting today is to get a photo of my Halloween-crazed wife up here. Two years back I managed to get the "Married to a Vulcan" posted, but last year I missed getting a photo of her in her costume. The good news is, since we moved and no one here saw her in it last year, she's doing a rerun. (Probably be a good opportunity to go back and revisit some of the other costumes of Halloweens past in coming years as well.)

So without further ado, there she is, Kathleen the Riveter!